Psychotherapy for Depression & Anxiety

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Psychotherapy is a means of treating mental health issues via psychological means versus medical means, but is often used in conjunction with supplementation and medication. Meeting with a psychiatrist regularly to receive psychotherapy treatment can help you uncover the root of your struggles and empower you to overcome them.

I am Dr. Melissa Quinn, a board certified child and adult psychiatrist in Los Angeles who specializes in integrative medicine and holistic solutions. Conditions that can be treated with psychotherapy include anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, autism, OCD, brain injuries, and more.

No matter what you are struggling with psychologically, I can put together a tailored treatment plan that helps you take control of your life. Contact me today to schedule an appointment!

What Is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is also known as “talk therapy.” It is one of the most recognized treatments for mental health and uses psychological means rather than medical ones. Psychiatrists administer psychotherapy by asking questions, listening to patients, and guiding their thought process to help them understand their problems at the root and realize how they may overcome them.
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD)
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Concussions / Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

When Is Psychotherapy Helpful?

Just because you suffer from anxiety or mental health issues does not always mean that any one treatment is right for you. In the case of psychotherapy, it may just be one piece of the mental health treatment puzzle.
The most important step you can take is to be evaluated by a psychiatrist. I, Dr. Melissa Quinn, can hear you out, review the details of your case, and come to a diagnoses that allows me to create the best treatment plan possible, which could include psychotherapy. Visit my FAQ page for more detailed information about treatments, my methods, and more.
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