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Mental Health Medications & Supplements

Controlling Attentional & Anxiety Disorders With or Without Medication

We all know that mental health is important – but it is equally important to seek the right kind of treatment for your mental health. In a society where there seems to be a drug for every mental health issue, I – Dr. Melissa Quinn – strive to help my patients find a healthy balance of supplements to treat their anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, autism, or any other mental or behavioral disorder.

My Holistic Approach: “Whole Person - Whole Family”

As the “Whole Person – Whole Family” psychiatrist, I pursue holistic and integrative medicine rather than turning straight to conventional prescription drugs for my patients. Natural supplements, therapy, and lifestyle coaching combined with medication when necessary can provide a much healthier, more sustainable solution than medication alone.

Are you worried about the side effects of taking medication for your anxiety, ADD, or depression? I completely understand and am here to help. With my professional help, we can find a tailored combination of supplements, lifestyle changes, and – if truly helpful – medication that allows you to live your life to the fullest, rather than just masking your symptoms!

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Who Can Prescribe Mental Health Medication?

There are various medical professionals who are able to prescribe medication for mental health issues like anxiety or depression. Psychiatrists are able to prescribe medication, as well as diagnose and treat these conditions.

Is Medication Right for Me?

Not everyone who suffers from depression, anxiety, or an attention disorder necessarily needs to be on medication. There are often more holistic, “whole health” methods of treating these conditions, as well as combinations of supplements and medication – a method known as “integrative medicine.”
To find out if medication is right for you, speak with a psychiatrist about your mental health right away. When pharmacological intervention is appropriate, I will diligently begin with the safest, most natural options available and will council you on what other interventions are proven to be effective in conjunction with pharmacotherapy.

How to Get Medication for Anxiety or Mental Health Issues

Anxiety medication, depression medication, or any other type of medication for mental health must be prescribed by a qualified medical professional. When you come to me for treatment, I almost never prescribe medication on the first visit. I will first do a thorough evaluation and come to my own diagnoses before considering medication.
If I think that medication is useful to consider, then we can set up a follow-up session to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this option, as well as other important treatment components. I will then provide you with a thorough, personalized treatment plan, which may or may not include medication. Please note that you must see me every 3 months in order to be re-evaluated and continue receiving medication, so don’t hesitate to take the first step and schedule an appointment today!
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