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Using a Holistic Approach to Mental Health Treatment

Contrary to what our culture tells us, medication isn’t the answer to everything. Many mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, or even OCD or autism, can be improved with much more holistic, “whole person” approach to treatment.

My name is Dr. Melissa Quinn and I am a health and lifestyle coach in Los Angeles, as well as a board-certified psychiatrist. As the “Whole Person – Whole Family” psychiatrist, my treatment recommendations integrate psychosocial and environmental factors such as toxin exposure and diet choices, often in combination with medication and supplement planning.

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Types of Health & Life Coaching

Anxiety & Depression Coach
Do you suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, stress, or heart palpitations that disrupt your school, work, or even your sleep? Do you constantly feel sad, disinterested in life, or disconnected from others? An anxiety coach or depression coach can help you learn how to manage your symptoms with or without the use of medication.
Proper mental exercises, breathing, supplements, and psychotherapy can be used to coach you on how to manage and reduce your anxiety. Medication is just one piece of the puzzle. Likewise, a qualified life coach can help you uncover the root of your depression and coach you toward a happier, more fulfilling life.
ADHD Coaching
I also offer life coaching for ADD/ADHD in Los Angeles. Attention disorders make it difficult to perform well in school, at your job, or even when you’re trying to spend quality time with your family or friends. ADD coaching can supplement your medication plan, providing you with a comprehensive treatment plan that is sustainable and tailored to your unique situation.

How Lifestyle Changes Help Anxiety & Depression

The stresses and pressures of life are one of the biggest factors in a person’s overall mental health. Conditions of all kinds can have a strong negative effect on a person’s ability to function as their highest potential self.
Anxiety and depression can lead to an inability to focus, leading to poor productivity and performance. Attention Deficit Disorder can also make it difficult to concentrate on important matters day to day. OCD can slow a person down and distract them from pursuing their life goals.
There is help for you! Get in touch with the “Whole Person – Whole Family” psychiatrist Dr. Melissa Quinn to find out more about how a life coach could help put you back in the driver’s seat.

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