Should I See a Psychiatrist?

How a Psychiatrist Can Help You

Psychiatrists help empower individuals and families to manage and overcome mental, behavioral, attentional, and anxiety disorders. As a triple board-certified child and family psychiatrist in Los Angeles, I – Dr. Melissa Quinn – can help you find the solutions for which you are searching!

Conditions I treat during psychiatric appointments include

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When to See a Psychiatrist

Are you struggling with anxiety or depression? Do you have a hard time managing the mental stresses of work, school, or life? Are you feeling controlled by an attention or behavioral disorder like ADD or OCD? Perhaps you are a parent or a family member who is feeling the effects of these issues in your loved one’s life. Anyone in any such situation could benefit from sessions with a psychiatrist.

My passion and desire is to help my patients uncover their potential to manage – or even overcome – their mental or behavioral struggles. Through integrative medicine and a holistic approach to psychiatry and treatment, I usually prescribe natural supplements, diet changes, and lifestyle changes before prescribing conventional medications when it’s in the patient’s interests. No matter the case, my patients’ best interests, care, and comfort always come first.

Who I Treat

I am certified as both a child and adolescent psychiatrist and an adult psychiatrist, which means I am able to treat children, juveniles, adults, couples, and families who are suffering from the repercussions of the conditions listed above.

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