Dr. Melissa Quinn Los Angeles Psychiatrist

Dr. Melissa Quinn – Child & Family Psychiatry

No one needs to struggle alone. Regardless of what you are facing day to day, there is a holistic solution – and I am here to help you find it.

As a family psychiatrist in Los Angeles, I help adults and children alike find solutions for mental, emotional, and behavioral issues of all kinds. I offer a warm and caring environment where you can come to receive certified, professional treatment. With my guidance, you can find relief, hope, and happiness.

I am able to help anyone who is seeking solutions for:

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"Whole Person - Whole Family"

This is my motto. My passion. I am here to assist people in healing themselves and becoming whole again which, in turn, helps their families find wholeness.

Integrative Psychiatry offers a whole-person approach to solving mental, emotional, and behavioral struggles. Self-care is so much more than dependence on a medication. My methods include helping you with mental, diet, and lifestyle changes, which all play a role in mental health.

I work to empower you to overcome your issue at the root so that you can be “you” again. You have the power to overcome it - I'm here to help you get there.

Who We Help

Adults and Children

As a family psychiatrist, I offer counseling to both adults and children throughout the Los Angeles area who are seeking solutions for anxiety, depression, ADD, and a variety of other attentional and anxiety disorders.

Suffer from Panic Attacks?

Do you suffer from panic attacks? Is your child unable to focus at school? Maybe you simply can’t stop feeling sad or disinterested. These are all areas in which I can help.

Manage Your Mental Health

My services can help you manage anxiety, work through and past your depression, treat your ADHD, and otherwise manage your mental health. Get in touch today to chat about your unique situation and discuss what treatment is best for you.

There Is Help for You – Make an Appointment Today!

Take the first step toward relief. Contact us today to make an appointment! My office is a warm, welcoming space where you are meant to feel comfortable and supported. View my FAQ page for more information or call me directly to learn how I can help you.